Gargoti Museum in Nasik

Well-maintained museum of the state or country showcases the richness and uniqueness of the location. Gargoti Museum which is located at a drive of 32 Kilometres from the city of Nashik is one of the prime tourist attractions.

About the Gargoti Museum

Visiting Time – 10:00 to 22:00 Hours
Entrance Fee - Rs. 100 per person. The charge includes fee for Guide. Guides are well-qualified and have full knowledge about the museum. Therefore they can explain properly to the tourists about its details.
The museum is situated in a small lively town Sinnar. It was founded by the Mr. Krishna Chandra Pandey who was working in Merchant Navy for over many years and now he is retired. People from every nook and corner of the globe stop over here to see its rare collections like –
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Different types of Zeolites
  • Several forms of Crystals
  • Specimen of Diamonds along with cut stones   
  • Light green Apophyllite which is cubical in shape
  • Crystals of Yellow Calcite
  • Blue-green coloured Aquamarine
  • Precious Stones
  • Other uncommon Foreign Minerals

Gargoti Museum in Nasik

It is the only museum in India that showcases the mineral treasures of Earth. A few names of prestigious minerals in displays here are, green apophyllite with stilbite, green apophyllite, calcite, green apophyllite with scolecite, aquamarine, cavansite, calcite with stilbite, disco ball looking formation green apophyllite with stilbite, green apophyllite, mesolite, mordenite, green apophyllite with scolecite, powellite with scolecite and red fluorite with mm quartz. Mineral weighing 700 kilograms and of dimension 3 feet x 3 feet x 3feet is the largest zeolite mineral show in the museum. Aquamarine is the most precious mineral own by the museum.

The museum won several awards namely Pride of India, Sarswati Puraskar and Sinnar Gaurav. The eye-catching showpieces in the museum catch the attention of tourists.

The building is constructed with modern architecture style and it is two floored. The entire museum has two well stocked galleries such as ‘minerals from the deccan plateau' which is placed on 1st Floor and ‘The Prestige Gallery' addressed on the ground floor. The gallery on ground floor features more than 1700 Zeolites and it makes one of the great museums in the world. The several colors of Zeolites with different shapes captivate the attention of local and international tourists. The museum also features other materials collected from different regions of the world.

A giant statue of mother India - located in the entrance of the museum is the main attention of all tourists. The large dome features a map, which demonstrates the map of Indian Subcontinent. This map is placed just above the statue.

A Souvenir Shop is also located in a part of the museum. Visitors can shop items of their choice. The shop has collection of Jewellery, Keychains, Clear Quartz Articles and other home decorative items carved out of Soap Stone.

The museum also has branches in New Delhi and U.S.A. The museum participates in many events and shows that organized in several destinations of the world.

How to get there

The museum is located in Nashik - Shirdi highway and easily accessible by bus and auto. The bus will drop you at Sinnar Town bus stand and from there you can take rickshaw service for approx. Rs. 75.

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    RS Thakran from Rohtak 590 Days ago

    My heartiest congratulations to the founder/ owner and management staff for creating such a prestigious museum which provides the people to look the real rock hard beauty of the nature. I’m basically a Geologist, working as Mining Officer in the state of Haryana, having keen interest in naturally shaped rocks & minerals. My interest in this field ,has impreseed me to create a small meuseum like collection at my house at Rohtak City. I keep on adding new specimens to my little collection. Would you be guiding me in going forward ? Is ‘Gargoti’ sells specimens too? Kindly respond. Regards. RS Thakran 9416380855

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    Shareef from Bhiwandi(Thane) 737 Days ago

    Whole knowledge & student group price

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    manish mujalde from indore (m.p) 865 Days ago

    Sir , i want some information about quartz and amethiest and other minerals in quartz family rate and value...

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