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Police in Nashik


Nashik is one of the modern and industrialized cities of India and Nashik Police is famous for its fast, impartial and fair implementation of law and also for great dispensation of criminal justice. Find more details about the police in Nashik.

Major Branches of Nashik Police

Crime Branch
Date of Inception: 19 November 1990
Email: acpcrime.nashikcp@mahapolice.gov.in
Phone No: 0253-2392233 / 2393341

City Traffic Branch
Date of Inception: 19 November 1990
Email: acptraffic.nashikcp@mahapolice.gov.in
Phone No: 0253-2305228
Website: https://www.nashiktrafficpolice.com/

Mahila Suraksha Vishesh Shakha
Date of Inception: 8th March 2005
Email: acpeow.nashikcp@mahapolice.gov.in
Phone No: 0253-2305241

Economic Offence Wing
Email: acpeow.nashikcp@mahapolice.gov.in
Phone No: 0253-2305230

Cyber Crime
Date Of Inception: 26th January 2013
Email: pi_cybercell@nashikpolice.com

Superintendent of Police
Address: SP Office, Police Head Quarter, Adgaon, Nashik, 422003
Phone No: 253-2309715
E-mail: sp.nashik.r@mahapolice.gov.in
Website: https://www.nashikruralpolice.gov.in

Police Stations in Nashik

Gangapur Police Station
Address: Gangapur, Gangapur Road, Nashik, 422002
Phone No: 253-2316657

Igatpuri Police Station
Address: Lower Peth, Tahsil Office, Igatpuri Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 9423332640
E-mail: ps.igatpur.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Ghoti Police Station
Address: Ghoti, Tal, Igatpuri Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 9823119746
E-mail: ps.ghoti.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Wadivarhe Police Station
Address: Daregaon, Tal, Igatpuri Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 9823195094
E-mail: ps.wadivarhe.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Ozar Police Station
Address: Ozar, Tal, Niphad Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 9011343444
E-mail: ps.ozar.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Pimpalgoan Police Station
Address: Pimpalgaon, Tal, Iphad, Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 9823634669
E-mail: ps.pimpalgaon.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Peth Police Station
Address: Tahsil Office, Tal, Peth, Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 9527002310
E-mail: ps.peth.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Harsul Police Station
Address: Harsul, Tal, Trimbak, Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 9823684660
E-mail: ps.harsul.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Trimbkeshwar Police Station
Address: Mahadevi Road, Trimbakeshwar, Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 9923481499
E-mail: ps.trimbak.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Lasalgaon Police Station
Address: Patoda Road, Lasalgaon, Tal, Niphad, Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91-9823858100
E-mail: ps.lasalgaon.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Sinnar Police Station
Address: Sinnar Tahsil Office, Sinnar Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 9823244544
E-mail: ps.sinnar.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Wavi Police Station
: Wavi Police Station, Tal, Sinner Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 9821525710
E-mail: ps.wavi.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Kalwan Police Station
: Tahsil Office, Kalwan, Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 9823090273
E-mail: ps.kalwan.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Deola Police Station
: Kalwan Road, Tal, Deola, Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 9823725101
E-mail: ps.deola.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Nandgaon Police Station
: Hutatma Compound, Tahsil Office, Nandgaon, Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 9423719920
E-mail: ps.nandgaon.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Yeola Taluka Police Station
: Kacheri Road, Kamanipura, Yeola, Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 9822668333
E-mail: ps.yeolataluka.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Malegaon Killa Police
: Somvar Ward, Gulbazar, Malegaon,  Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 9823112681
E-mail: ps.killa.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Malegaon City Police Station
: Old Bus Stand, Malegaon, Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 9423370400
E-mail: ps.malegaoncity.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

Jaykheda Police Station
: Nampur Jaykheda Road, Near Bus Stand, Jaykheda, Dist, Nashik
Phone No: 91 - 8888121333
E-mail: ps.jaykheda.nr@mahapolice.gov.in

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