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Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards is one of the leading tycoons of Indian Wine revolution. The top quality wines from this winery are placed in the best restaurants and hotels worldwide. Perhaps Sula wines are the most accessible and popular winery in the country. From humble beginnings in the year 1997, Sula Vineyards has splendidly formed into a world class winery. The winery is open for the guests, who can have some fun, tastings, courses and enjoy a tour. It's rare chance to find a winery of this standard in India, and its clear that a lot of persuasion has gone into making it.

The grapes for the wine production normally harvested from Nashik, Dindori estate vineyards and some reputed local farmers operating under the guidance of Sula vineyards. Great wine can just originate from great grapes, and grapes must be in the same class as their terroir permits. Learn more about the climate and geographical conditions in and around Sula Vineyards. If just reading out is not enough, go and experience the Sula vineyards yourself.

Sula vineyards

Attractions and Facilities at Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards has many things to offer for their visitors. Its special ambient tasting room has been architecturally planned, with a balcony sweeping views over the vineyard. The wine bottle lights suspended from the roof are a novel touch and radiate a warm shine. The tasting room is usually open from 11.00 a.m to 11.00 p.m on Friday and Saturday, 11.00 a.m to 10.00 p.m on Sunday to Thursday. This makes it a grand spot to watch the sunset and enjoy the evening. For additional entertainment, there is a lounge bar and pool table too. 150 rupees will makes you for a 30 minutes escorted voyage through the winery, including the tasting of six wines and processing rooms. The visits happen between 11.30 a.m  to 5.30 p.m on an hourly basis, and give a decent knowledge into the wine making methodology.

Sula Vineyards offers a special one day course for the serious wine connoisseurs on every Thursday for a fees of 1600 rupees. The expense incorporates a one hour wine and food matching session. The matching session might be attempted separately for 600 rupees. Sula Vineyards also has a tempting scope of wine related products on sale. Sula's uplifting sun symbol, Sula's T-shirt, silver wine cooler container and wooden wine rack are the few attractive wine related products. The harvesting months of January to March are the best season to visit Sula vineyards. During that season you can have the additional privilege to participate in wine stomping as well as the Sula Fest music show, which are held during February or March also, in the outside amphitheater.

Sula Vineyard

Accommodations at Sula Vineyards

The visitors can stay at the "Beyond resort and spa" in Sula Vineyards. They might charge you 5000 rupees for the stay, which includes food, a winery tour and wine tasting session. Alternatively you can stay at any Nashik hotels for visitng Sula vineyards. There are many decent Nashik hotels that won't empty your pocket such as Hotel Sai Palace and Ginger. If you are not concerned about the budget, then you can choose the Taj residency or the Gateway hotel at Ambad.

History of Sula Vineyards

Nashik is situated just 180 km northeast of Mumbai and never had a traditional exposure of growing grapes. This enticed the Stanford bred engineer Rajeev Samant, who did a great deal of investigation and in 1993 quite his Silicon valley job to pursue his dreams of entrepreneurship. Nashik climate was not just apt but even better than that of Spain, California and Australia.

Sula vineyards

After all the initial background check, Rajeev went back to California hunting a winemaker. Then he met Kerry Damskey in Sonoma County who agreed to help at Samant's 30 acre family estate. In 1997, the duo took courageous steps of planting foreign wine seeds, which were never planted before in India - the French Sauvignon Blanc and Californian Chenin Blanc.

The first installment was reaped in 2000 and was well received by customer, claiming to be India's best quality of white wines. And since it's inception, Sula has proudly carried the flag of being the best winery and wine producers of India. The impact was so huge that in couple of years Nashik saw a 25% growth of several other wineries coming up in the area. The November issue of Wine Spectator - world's no.1 wine magazine did a five page feature on Sula which was indeed a proud moment for Indian winery.

Sula vineyards

Wines at Sula Vineyards

Sula Reds - One of the finest wines, Rasa Shiraz renders a rich shades of reds and varieties include Dindori Reserve Shiraz, the Zinfandel, Cabernet Shiraz and Merlot Malbec.
Sula Whites - Sauvignon Blanc & Chenin Blanc, Dindori Reserve Viognier and the recently launched Riesling.

Sula Rose - Our Sula Zinfandel Rosé is perfect for every summer occasion, and the fruity, easy-drinking Mosaic and Madera Rosé completes our popular rose line-up.
Sula Sparkling - Made in the true méthode champenoise, the Sula Brut leads our range of sparkling wines. And our lighter Seco suits everyday celebrations.
Sula Dessert
- Sweet wines are typically served with dessert, fruit, or even as an aperitif. Our Late Harvest Chenin Blanc is a wonderful conclusion to any evening.


Enjoying wine is, ultimately, all in your head. Learn about how we make wine and find out how to serve it right. Get the inside scoop on how to taste it correctly, or tuck away tips on how best to store leftover wine. Satisfy your inner wine geek with our glossary. A little knowledge might be dangerous, but a lot of knowledge can be oh, so tasty. For some great wine and recipe matching ideas  chef, restaurateur and author Hari Nayak divulges some of his most exciting recipes with a glass or two of the most appropriate Sula.

Location of Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards is located on the outskirts of Nashik, around four hours northeast of Mumbai, in the state of Maharastra. For wine lovers, Sula Vineyards makes an enjoyable side trip from Mumbai. It's easily reached by frequent Indian Railways train services, buses, or even by taxi. The winery is set on a 35 acre vineyard. For the amount of wine that Sula produces, the property wasn't as large as I expected it to be. However, that's because Sula has an additional few hundred acres of vineyards spread elsewhere in the region. Nashik is 180 km from Mumbai, reachable by car, bus or train and 210 km from Pune, reachable by car or by bus.

Trains to and from Nashik and Mumbai

Tapovan Express
Mumbai CST 6.10 am - Nashik 9.48 am
Nashik 6 pm - Mumbai CST 10.05 pm
Jan Shatabdi Express
Mumbai CST 1.50 pm  - Nashik 05.08 pm
Nashik 08.55 am  - Mumbai CST 12.45 pm
Pushpak Express
Mumbai CST 8.20 am Nashik 11.48 am
Nashik 03.30 - Mumbai CST 08.05

Sula Vineyard

The Amphitheatre - Celebrate at Sula

Right between the lush green vineyards is the amazingly beautiful amphitheatre, which caters to all the entertainment needs at the winery. With beautiful green landscape, permanent semi-circular seating and a grand stage at the centre, it is greatly designed for any celebration. The amphitheater is used for a no. of reasons - from relaxed afternoon musicals to frenzy late night parties. With amazing cool breeze flowing from the Gangapur Lake, the view of vineyards with hills at the background would definitely lighten up any occasion.

And not just the private events, the amphitheater is the centre for many big events happening in the country. Sulafest, which is the annual music and harvest festival serves to more than 10,000 guests. Zendurance, the first vineyard marathon which begins and ends at the amphitheater is also another major attraction here. Apart from these, Sula remains busy with several cultural and corporate events happening in the country.

Contact Details:
Mr. Sameer Kazi –Sameer.kazi@sulawines.com/ 99700 90039
Mr. Ramkumar Singh –ramkumars@sulawines.com/ 98601 90017

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