Nashik City Guide

On the banks of River Godavari in Maharashtra, lies one of the religious places for Hindus, Nashik. As per the religious beleievs, its the same place, where Lord Ram once spent his time, while on exile. It's also the venue for the prestigious Kumbh Mela. Nashik is the third largest economy of Maharashtra and showcases a fine balance between the old and new cultures; there's also a good mix of ancient and modern architecture in the city. Nashik offers a great climate throughout the year as it lies at an elevation of about 2000 feets. The region is surrounded by a n array of hills, filled with forests and green valleys. Nashik's geographical beauty gets enhanced with the presence of beautiful lakes like the Samangaon and the Chandshi. Nashik is also knwon for being techically and industrially advanced. With Nashik Online City Guide, know about this important pilgrimage in a better way.

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