Chateau d’Ori Winery in Nashik

Nashik, the wine capital of India has some beautifully located wineries on the slope of the Western Ghats. The Chateau d’Ori is one of the most popular and the second biggest wineries and vineyards in India after the Sula. Situated across the hills of Nhera-Ori a Dinori, just 20 kms north from the main town Nashik, Chateau d’Ori is a 100-acres single estate has a dome shape winery with a farm house. There is also a tasting house which stores the most unique and premium ranges of wines produced here at the Chateau. Interestingly the Chateau d’Ori was conceptualized after the winery designs of Bordeaux in France. This circular shaped winery can house as much as 72 large stainless steel tanks for aging, fermenting and storing the liquor.

Chateau d’Ori Winery in Nashik

The wine culture is somewhat new in India so most of the wineries were set up around the middle of 2000’s. Chateau d’Ori was established by Mr. Ranjit Dhuru in 2007 only but has already managed to take over a big role in the wine business in wine by producing some of the finest quality wines in India. Mr. Dhuru runs a 100-million dollars multinational IT farm and is a wine connoisseur himself. He visited the famous Nepa Valley and felt captivated by those beautiful vineyards and the art of wine-making. He then visited the Bordeaux region and soon transmuted his passion into business. Chateau d’Ori is now working on expanding over another 300 acres of vineyards.

Chateau has adopted the vini-culture process from the single largest wine producing region in the world- the Bordeaux. Chateau also has a wine tasting room and its own wine laboratory which has one-of-a-kind 3000 bottles per hour bottling and labeling plant, a temperature controlled wine cellar which accommodates more than 500 French Oak barrels for aging, fermenting and storing high quality wines- all under one roof. The renowned oenologist from the Bordeaux, M. Athanase Fakorellis takes care of the whole process of wine making and works as the consultant at the Chateau. In 2007, this winery won the award for the best Cabernet Merlot Wine producer in India.

The quality of the wine largely depends on the quality of grapes which again depends on the soil quality where they grow in. The slopes of Nashik have the most suitable geographical conditions in India for growing great quality grapes. Therefore most of the vineyards and wineries are located at this region. At Chateau, the grape saplings are carefully planted and sniped out prematurely with the objective of strengthening the vines and to get a better yield. To get a great quality product, the grape vines need to be pruned twice in a year.

Nashik's Chateau d’Ori Winery

At Chateau Vineyard, the first pruning takes place within a few weeks of the annual harvest; while the second and the most crucial pruning happens in September-October. Chateau Vineyard always maintains the high quality product by ensuring the quantity of harvested grapes. The larger quantity would likely lead to a lesser quality wine as the plants which bear more fruits are expected to leave an effect on the health and quality of grapes by creating sugar and acidity imbalance in the fruits. At the Chateau Vineyard several important things are considered while producing the ‘Estate Bottled’ wine. Importantly, the Chateau Vineyard has actually set the trend of making these ‘Estate Bottled’ wines which are still the most appreciated and adored wine products internationally. 

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Address: Chateau d’Ori Winery Pvt. Ltd.
Gate No. 529, Dindoi- Shivar,
Dindori Taluk, Nashik, Maharashtra, India
Phone No.: +91 22 65064933
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